Basic spoken English outline

Before starting this course you need to know some basic grammar

Language free

1.    What is grammar?
2.    The sentence and the phrase
3.    The kinds of sentences
4.    The sentence and the clause
5.    Vowels and consonants
6.    Words and syllables
7.    Accent& emphasis
8.    Parts of speech

Spoken English
1.    Greetings; to be: singular; where? (In contest)
2.    To be: plural; nationality (In contest)
3.    Plural nouns; a/an; demonstratives (In contest)
4.    Possessive adjectives (In contest)
5.    To be + adjectives (In contest)
6.    There is/are ….a/some/no/any; prepositions (In contest)
7.    Requests; could (request); prices (In contest)
8.    Color; job; who? (In contest)
9.    Whose? ; genitive [‘s] (In contest)
10.    Countable/uncountable nouns; much/many/ some/any (In contest)
11.    Which?; I’d like….;Would you like ? (In contest)
12.    Imperative; object pronouns (In contest)
13.    Review; what make? (In contest)
14.    Can/ can’t (ability) (In contest)
15.    Choosing size, color, flavor; or (In contest)
16.    To have + auxiliary (do/dose) (In contest)
17.    To have: quantity (In contest)
18.    One, ones; possessive pronouns (In contest)
19.    Requests (May I? /Can I?) Time (1) – 6:40, etc. (In contest)
20.    Describing places; review (In contest) (In contest)
21.    Present continuous (verbs without objects) (In contest)
22.    Make; price; requests (In contest)
23.    Describing clothes; make of; materials; tool/either (In contest)
24.    Prepositions of place; why? ; Because (In contest)
25.    Time (2); ordinal numbers (In contest)
26.    Going to future (In contest)
27.    Like present simple (In contest)
28.    Want, need, love (In contest)
29.    Review; asking for direction (In contest)
30.    Present simple (habits) (In contest)
31.    Present simple; questions (In contest)
32.    Present simple with adverbs of frequency (In contest)
33.    Present simple vs. present continuous (In contest)
34.    Adverbs of manner (In contest)
35.    Invitations; present continuous for future (In contest)
36.    Asking for directions; prepositions (In contest)
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