English Dialogs with Their Translation in Urdu

Dialog learning is a real way to learn any language. You always see that most of peoples learn any language through dialogs. He or she learns dialogs at first and then they try to use them in their conversation. In this way they soon became fluent in those languages.

It doesn’t mean that grammar is not important for it, but we have to learn dialog to be at home in any language such as English.

we give commonly used dialogs in this page along with urdu translation. You should learn them and try to use them in your conversation.

Read attentively the blow sentences and their translation. You should consider how a sentence has been translated in Urdu and try to remember their words.

Sentence in English                                             Translation in Urdu

1- Good morning, sir.                                                   Subha ba khair.

2- Tell Rakesh to come and                                          Rakesh se kaho kay mere room
 meet me in my cabin.                                                   Main a kar mujh se mile.

3- We met, separated, we met again.                            Hum mile, bichre, phir mile.

4- It’s co-incidence.                                                     Ye itefaq hain.

5- This co-incidence is indeed nice.                               Ye itefaq beshakh acha hain.

6- It will take a long time.                                              Is main waqt lage ga.

7- So, you just want to talk that.                                   To tumhe sirf ye baat karni hain

8- I am unable to understand that.                                 Kuch samajh main nahi aata.                               

9- What happened?                                                      Kiya  Hoa?

10- How can that happen?                                            Aisa kaise hosakta hain?

 11- I am a bit out of sort today.                                   Meri tabyat aaj thik nahi hain.

12- What is up?                                                            Kya haal hain? 

13- Should we discuss it now?                                     Abhi baat Kara?

14- I want to discuss about it with you.  Main aap se is ke mutaliq baat karna chata hoon.

15- What is the problem with your computer?  Aap ke computer main  kya  kharabi hain?

16- Do this.                                                                  Aisa karo  

17- I sent a card along.                                     Main ne saath main aik card bheja tha.

19- He is walking across the road.                                Wo road ke us janib ja   raha hain. 

20- Wake up and get up.                                              Ytho aur jago.

21- He goes to bed early.                                             Wo jaldi sone jata hain.

22- Hina is ill.                                                               Hina bimar hain.

23- Hasnain is climbing up the ladder.               Hasnain sirhi pe char rahahain.

24- My father is an engineer                                          Mere Walid engineer hain.

25- There is post office near my home.              Mere ghar ke krarib post office hain.

26- Saifullah is my neighbor.                                         Saifullah mera parosi hain.

27- I want to be at home in English.                       Main rawani se English bolna chata hoon.
28- Alex is a news agent.                                              Alex aik akhbar farosh hain.

29- I want to talk to you                                               Main aap se baat karna chata hoon,

30- Good bye                                                              Allah Hafiz.

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