English Language Course

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Whether you don’t know how to speak English at all or you make mistakes during conversation or writing. Buy our E-books and video DVDs which have been written in Urdu language. These e-books and video DVDs will make you fluent in it.

English Language Course in Urdu

   Upcoming E-books and Video Tutorials   

1-   Basic English Grammar

  • Parts of speech    (Available in DVD)
  • Twelve Tenses    (Available in E-book)
  • Active Voice and Passive Voice    (Coming Soon)
  • Direct and Indirect Speech   (Coming Soon)
  • Compound sentences and clauses (Basic)   (Coming Soon)
  • Basic English Grammar (Complete course)   (Coming Soon)
  • How to read and understand New Paper   (Coming Soon)
  • Improve your English Grammar   (Coming Soon)
  • Application and Story writing   (Coming Soon)

2-  Basic Spoken English

  • Spoken English (level – 1)   (Coming Soon)

3-   Intermediate English Grammar

  • Intermediate English Grammar (complete course)   (Coming Soon)

4-   Intermediate Spoken English

  • Spoken English (level- 2)   (Coming Soon)

5-   Advance English Grammar

  • Advance English Grammar (complete)   (Coming Soon)

6-   Advance Spoken English

  • Spoken English (level -3)   (Coming Soon)

7-   Business English

  • Accounting English   (Coming Soon)
  • Business Communication   (Coming Soon)

8-   Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary -1   (Coming Soon)
  • Vocabulary – 2   (Coming Soon)
  • Vocabulary - 3   (Coming Soon)

Please! Choose your course according to your levels, or let us suggest you.

All courses are available in E-books and DVDs.

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