Past Indefinite Tense

past indefinite tense in urdu
In this lesson you will be learning all about past indefinite tense in Urdu/Hindi. When we talk about an event that had been done yesterday, last week and a year ago etc, we use past tense.  An action that had been completed in past; using past indefinite tense we talk about it.
 Past form of verb is used for this tense.

Present form    Past Form    Past Participle 
       Go                        Went                 Gone

How much Sentence Do We Make in Past Indefinite Tense?

We usually make three types of sentences in past indefinite tense.

  • Affirmative (She went to school.)
  • Negative (She did not go to school.)
  • Interrogative (Did she go to school?)

For learning in details, watch the following video of past indefinite in Urdu/Hindi